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The Weeds (A Short Story) (Kindle Single)




The Weeds (A Short Story) (Kindle Single)

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This story was originally published in Day One, a weekly literary journal dedicated to short fiction and poetry from emerging writers.

During spare moments, Roger fantasizes about his wife’s death. Her demise would be preferable to divorce—if his wife died, he would get to play the part of stoic widower and avoid the mess of dividing their assets.

But Celia is very much alive, and miserable. The couple’s wealth, all-American good looks, and picture-perfect suburban home can’t stop the disintegration of their marriage. As the tension between them peaks, Roger’s fantasies get darker, yet he can also remember their tender moments and the great romance they once shared. Torn between yearning for love and the desire for destruction, he will face a choice: do nothing and suffer, or commit an irrevocable act.

Darkly funny, The Weeds explores the drive to appear successful as the ultimate confinement.


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